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Short Synopsis
Find Me is Laura van den Berg's highly anticipated debut novel—a gripping, imaginative, darkly funny tale of a young woman struggling to find her place in the world.

Full Synopsis
Joy has no one. She spends her days working the graveyard shift at a grocery store outside Boston and nursing an addiction to cough syrup, an attempt to suppress her troubled past. But when a sickness that begins with memory loss and ends with death sweeps the country, Joy, for the first time in her life, seems to have an advantage: she is immune. When Joy's immunity gains her admittance to a hospital in rural Kansas, she sees a chance to escape her bleak existence. There she submits to peculiar treatments and follows seemingly arbitrary rules, forming cautious bonds with other patients—including her roommate, whom she turns to in the night for comfort, and twin boys who are digging a secret tunnel.

As winter descends, the hospital's fragile order breaks down and Joy breaks free, embarking on a journey from Kansas to Florida, where she believes she can find her birth mother, the woman who abandoned her as a child. On the road in a devastated America, she encounters mysterious companions, cities turned strange, and one very eerie house. As Joy closes in on Florida, she must confront her own damaged memory and the secrets she has been keeping from herself.

"The book's ambiguous conclusion may lead to rereading as the possibility of multiple interpretations is opened." ---Library Journal Starred Review

"Van den Berg's writing is curiously beautiful, and her portrayals can also be disarmingly sensitive, as if we might break this girl just by reading about her." ---Kirkus

"Find Me is a delving story of courage, persistence, and hope." ---Booklist Starred Review

"Zeller adroitly alters her voicing of the odd characters and bizarre situations encountered during Joy's travels…creating sinister moods and a tone of magic realism." ---Booklist Audio Review
Library Journal Review

Booklist Review

Find Me

Author Laura van den Berg

Narrated by Emily Woo Zeller

Publication date Feb 24, 2015

Running time 8 hrs 19 min

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