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Short Synopsis
A beguiling memoir of a childhood in 1950s Fontainebleau from the much-admired New York Times bestselling author of The Piano Shop on the Left Bank.

Full Synopsis
For a young American boy in the 1950s, Fontainebleau was a sight both strange and majestic, home to a continual series of adventures: a different language to learn, weekend visits to nearby Paris, family road trips to Spain and Italy. Then there was the château itself: a sprawling palace once the residence of kings, its grounds the perfect place to play hide-and-seek. The curiosities of the small town left such an impression on him that thirty years later Thad Carhart returned to France with his wife to raise their two children. Touring Fontainebleau again as an adult, he began to appreciate its influence on French style, taste, art, and architecture. Each trip to Fontainebleau introduces him to entirely new aspects of the château's history, enriching his memories and leading him to Patrick Ponsot, who becomes Carhart's guide to the hidden Fontainebleau.

What emerges is an intimate chronicle of a time and place few have experienced. Finding Fontainebleau is for those captivated by the French way of life, for armchair travelers, and for anyone who has ever fallen in love with a place they want to visit over and over again.

"Finding Fontainebleau is a fun, intriguing meditation on time, place, and nationality." ---Penelope Rowlands, author of Paris Was Ours

"Charming and vivid and sweet." ---Alice Kaplan, author of French Lessons

"I learned, I laughed, I marveled, I yearned to transport myself to Fontainebleau." ---David Laskin, author of The Family: A Journey into the Heart of the 20th Century

Finding Fontainebleau

An American Boy in France

Author Thad Carhart

Narrated by Todd McLaren

Publication date May 17, 2016

Running time 10 hrs

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