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Short Synopsis
Kevin McLaughlin and Michael Anderle present Book 2 in the Realms of Power and Fury series.

Full Synopsis
Eric has learned much about the ways of power since arriving in this strange world. Winning a place among the mighty Nords wasn't easy, but his heroics have earned him a seat at their table.

As spring comes to the land, Nord thoughts turn from staying warm to raiding.

They've invited Eric to come along. But not all is right in the ripe lands the Nords raid every season. Troops are based where there should be none, and their adversaries are building a navy.

Something has changed.

Eric begins to see signs that all these things may be linked to his birth world. Someone from his old home is interfering with his new one, and the Nords are in the way. An obstacle to be eliminated.

But not if Eric has anything to say about it!

He's survived monsters and battled other humans in his fight to keep himself and those he cares about alive. Can Eric save the people who have taken him in from the danger presented by his past?

Finding Honor

Author Kevin McLaughlin, Michael Anderle

Narrated by Joel Richards

Publication date Aug 23, 2022

Running time 12 hrs

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