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Short Synopsis
Christian Kallias presents Book 1 in the Far Beyond series.

Full Synopsis
A boy, his dog, and a talking cat to save the galaxy? What could possibly go wrong?

After saving the Arcadian Confederate from certain destruction, Kevin's consciousness is cast back to Earth. Victory is sweet, but life on Earth is boring. It doesn't take long for him to start missing his galaxy-trotting adventures.

But you should be careful what you wish for: when a Kregan operative bent on revenge shows up to hunt Kevin down, everything starts to unravel. The galaxy's in grave danger, and it looks like Kevin's the only one who can save it.

Not to worry! The Arcadians have sent their best engineer to help Kevin in his quest . . . who also happens to be a talking cat with a less than ideal attitude.

If Kevin can't whip this motley crew into shape, the galaxy's doomed. Which means Earth is doomed . . . and as boring as it is, Kevin's starting to realize there's no place like home.

Fire At Will

Author Christian Kallias

Narrated by Travis Baldree

Publication date May 21, 2019

Running time 6 hrs

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