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Short Synopsis
An eye-opening firsthand account of the ongoing and trailblazing feminist movement in South Korea—one that the world should be watching.

Full Synopsis
Since the beginning of the #MeToo movement, tens of thousands of people in South Korea have taken to the street, and many more brave individuals took a stand, to end a decades-long abortion ban and bring down powerful men accused of sexual misconduct—including a popular presidential contender.

Author Hawon Jung shows the world that these women are no delicate flowers—they are trailblazing flames. Flowers of Fire takes the listener into the trenches of this fight for equality, following along as South Korean activists march on the streets, navigate public and private spaces where spycam porn crimes are rampant, and share tips as they learn how to protect themselves from harassment and how to push authorities to act.

Jung draws on her on-the-ground reporting and interviews with many women who became activists and leaders. Their stories mirror realities that women across the world are all too familiar with: threats of lawsuits to silence victims, tech-based sexual abuse, and criminal justice systems where victims' voices are often met with suspicion. These are the issues at the heart of their #MeToo movement, and South Korean women have fought against them vigorously—with extraordinary success. This book illuminates the strength and tenacity of these women, too often sidelined in conversations about feminism and gender equality.

Flowers of Fire

The Inside Story of South Korea's Feminist Movement and What It Means for Women's Rights Worldwide

Author Hawon Jung

Narrated by Kathleen Li

Publication date Mar 21, 2023

Running time 11 hrs

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