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For leaders at work, at home, and in our communities—an essential guide to nature-based leadership inspired by the wisdom of indigenous teachings and horses.

Full Synopsis
Leadership teacher Kelly Wendorf offers a new approach to leading and living inspired by two profound sources of ancient wisdom: original peoples and Equus (the horse), grounded in evidence-based principles of neuroscience.

In her groundbreaking EQUUS training program, Wendorf teaches a way of leadership modeled on a 56 million-year-old system of the horse herd—a path that has allowed humans and horses alike to survive the kinds of global and societal threats we now face, such as climate change and mass extinction. Here she takes you step by step through this powerful approach, including: listening—the starting point for all leadership; care—explore the ancient, indigenous understanding of care that is reciprocal, empathic, and beneficial to all; presence—meeting the here and now with vulnerability, openness, and a stable foundation; safety—how a masterful leader creates a sense of group resilience and strength by "leading from behind" for the welfare of all; connection—ways to move away from coercion and force to promote genuine communication and belonging; peace—creating group harmony right now; freedom—returning to our wild nature that is inherently free, unbridled, and unbroken; and joy—moving beyond temporary happiness to a state of wholehearted engagement of life, whatever the circumstances.

Flying Lead Change

56 Million Years of Wisdom for Leading and Living

Author Kelly Wendorf

Narrated by Donna Postel

Publication date Apr 13, 2021

Running time 8 hrs 25 min

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