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Short Synopsis
David Abrams's darkly humorous debut reveals a behind-the-scenes portrait of the real Iraq war.

Full Synopsis
Fobbit 'fä-bit, noun. Definition: A U.S. soldier stationed at a Forward Operating Base who avoids combat by remaining at the base, esp. during Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2011). Pejorative.

In the satirical tradition of Catch-22 and M*A*S*H, Fobbit takes us into the chaotic world of Baghdad's Forward Operating Base Triumph. The Forward Operating base, or FOB, is like the back-office of the battlefield—where people eat and sleep, and where a lot of soldiers have what looks suspiciously like an office job. Male and female soldiers are trying to find an empty Porta Potty in which to get acquainted, grunts are playing Xbox and watching NASCAR between missions, and a lot of the senior staff are more concerned about getting to the chow hall in time for the Friday night all-you-can-eat seafood special than worrying about little things like military strategy.

Darkly humorous and based on the author's own experiences in Iraq, Fobbit is a fantastic debut that shows us a behind-the-scenes portrait of the real Iraq war.

"This novel nails the comedy and the pathos, the boredom and the dread, crafting the Iraq War's answer to Catch-22." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"A funny, hard-edged satire about recent history and modern war-making." ---Library Journal

"Abrams punches up the grittiness of war with the dark, cynical humor that comes from living it (he served as a Fobbit in Iraq), crafting images that will haunt [listeners] long after they pry their grip from the book. Think M*A*S*H in Iraq." ---Booklist.

"Fobbit, an Iraq war comedy, is everything that terrible conflict was not: beautifully planned, and perfectly executed; funny and smart and lyrical; a triumph." ---Darin Strauss, author of Half a Life

"The excitement Drummond mixes in with the comedy maintains just the right pacing to deliver the serious side of the war while also maintaining the black comedy. Drummond delivers a picture of war not seen since Catch-22." ---AudioFile
New York Times Bestseller

Barnes & Noble Best Book

Publishers Weekly Review


Author David Abrams

Narrated by David Drummond

Publication date Sep 10, 2012

Running time 11 hrs

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