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Short Synopsis
Baxter Brown presents her latest novel. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
A whirlwind romance . . . and only the rest of their lives to get over it.

When Kate and Lauren meet in college it's love at first sight. Unfortunately, the fact that school is almost over is the least of their problems. A roller coaster of emotions and uncertainty causes Kate to leave town, and a heartbroken Lauren, behind.

Fifteen years later, with her ten-year-old daughter in tow, Kate returns to Renfrew hoping to recapture some of the inner peace she found during her college days. She's stunned when she discovers Lauren has purchased the local coffee shop and has her own ten-year-old surprise.

The two women attempt to avoid one another at all costs. But the incessant pull from the past—and the budding friendship between their daughters—has them on a collision course . . . to a second chance at love.

Contains mature themes.

Following Chance

Author Baxter Brown

Narrated by Emily Beresford

Publication date Mar 23, 2021

Running time 7 hrs 6 min

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