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Short Synopsis
J. Clifton Slater presents Book 6 in the Clay Warrior Stories series.

Full Synopsis
A tale of war, tactics, subterfuge, and luck.

And one man's struggle to resurrect his reputation.

Welcome to late 264 B.C.

The Legion is a machine of war. When the gears are turning, those not in sync with the machine get pulverized in the cogs. Most of the time, it's the enemy.

Unfortunately, for Lance Corporal Alerio Sisera, the gears have political and egotistical parts that are just as sharp as gladius blades. Caught in the wrong place by vindictive officers, he is sentenced to a session on the punishment post and is badly injured. Wounded and disgraced, he must now save the same Legion that sentenced him to the harsh discipline.

Where an average man might falter on the journey, Lance Corporal Sisera charges headlong into the fray. The fates have thrown down the challenges and Alerio faces each with his shield and gladius as he fights and prays that Fortune Reigns.

Fortune Reigns

Author J. Clifton Slater

Narrated by P.J. Ochlan

Publication date Oct 3, 2023

Running time 8 hrs

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