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Short Synopsis
Emma Doherty presents the sequel to Four Doors Down. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Becca McKenzie is happy—crazy, ridiculously happy.

She might not have figured out what she wants to do with her life, but she has something better—Ryan Jackson—and they couldn't be more in love if they tried. He might have been pissed when she went off to a different college, but they make the long distance work because they're "Becca and Ryan," and nothing is going to break them.

Until it does.

Until one terrible, unforgettable night away from Ryan. Until too much drinking and one empty bedroom. Until fifteen minutes of hell completely destroys her life and leaves Becca questioning everything she's ever known. Until that night turns into a lie she can't stop—can't control.

Until she said no but he didn't listen.

Contains mature themes.

Four Years Later

Author Emma Doherty

Narrated by Amy Melissa Bentley, Alex Kydd

Publication date Mar 26, 2019

Running time 14 hrs

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