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Short Synopsis
L. M. Dalgleish presents Book 2 in the Fractured Rock Star series.

Full Synopsis
Rock stars break hearts.

That's a lesson Eden Taylor just learned the hard way. Leaving town to stay with her brother should have been the perfect way to escape the pain of her breakup, but she wasn't expecting to end up sharing the house with her brother's best friend—Fractured's lead guitarist, Tex McLain.

She wasn't expecting to notice how sexy he is . . . or to start craving his touch. And she absolutely wasn't expecting to forget the lesson she only just learned . . .

Tex is getting tired of the casual hookups that come with the rock star lifestyle—been there, done plenty of that. He's looking for someone he feels a connection with—a spark.

Just his luck when he finally feels it, it's with the one woman he can't have. Eden's too young for him—too bright-eyed and full of dreams. Not to mention his best friend's little sister. He needs to stay away . . .

Tension simmers, lines are crossed, and soon there's no turning back.

But it's true that rock stars break hearts. Sometimes . . . it's their own.

Fractured Dreams

A Fractured Rock Star Romance

Author L. M. Dalgleish

Narrated by Gary Furlong, Parker Everly

Publication date Apr 11, 2023

Running time 10 hrs

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