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Short Synopsis
What if your whole life was based on lies? Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Until death do us part. That was what I promised him and I meant every word.

Mark wasn't perfect but perfection doesn't exist. They say an omission is not a lie but when my husband's secrets spin out of control, I don't know where to turn. Then he arrives . . . my best friend's cousin, Hayes. He's young and beautiful, and broken—just like me. As a former sailor with the British Navy, he is trained to see things I don't notice and when my husband's secrets threaten our family, I turn to Hayes for help.

Life is a journey. I thought my husband was my final destination but it now appears that there is another man waiting for me on the horizon.

Contains mature themes.


Author R. C. Stephens

Narrated by Stephanie Rose, Antony Ferguson

Publication date Apr 16, 2019

Running time 11 hrs 21 min

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