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From a USA Today bestselling author: Priya is thrilled when she's recruited to serve in the spaceborne military. But she's soon forced to volunteer for a dangerous mission—and finds her life at stake.

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Aliens exist . . . and, as it turns out, most of them are fairly harmless. It's the humans you need to watch out for.

Priya Radcliffe wasn't even born yet when the first set of terrorists struck. She was seventeen when they struck again, but this time her parents paid the ultimate price.

That was seven years ago, and since then, the United Nations finally agreed to field its first spaceborne military. Serving aboard one of the first true starships had been a dream of hers. All of her years of education and training had been geared for entering the service.

However, just before Priya's graduation, she's approached by an officer from a military branch she'd never heard of and given a choice: volunteer for a risky mission to an outpost she knows nothing about or be excluded from serving.

She had no choice.

Freedom's Last Gasp

Author M.A. Rothman

Narrated by Tim Campbell

Publication date Aug 11, 2020

Running time 6 hrs 22 min

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