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Short Synopsis
Steve Curry presents Book 3 in the Valhalla AWOL series.

Full Synopsis
Can Magnus rescue all of his loved ones before supernatural or mundane hunters either one find him?

One set wants the "Chosen Warrior" on a dissecting table, others want to silence him to keep their own secrets. And his divinely tempestuous and vengeful ex-lover, the Valkyrie Kara, has her own sadistic amusements in mind. Maybe his newest allies can make the difference. Maybe he can be tough enough, fast enough, and lucky enough to pull it all off. And maybe somewhere in his confused memories are the keys to getting out of this mess. Or maybe he's just nuttier than aunt Sally's pecan pie. Good thing he's tougher than her roast beef.

Freke Wyrd Voodoo

Author Steve Curry

Narrated by Gary Bennett

Publication date Apr 13, 2021

Running time 10 hrs 4 min

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