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Short Synopsis
Penney Peirce, a pioneer in the field of intuition development, invites us to explore the dynamics of energy, personal resonance, and our accelerating ultrasensitivity to discover how a simple shift in frequency is often all it takes to change depression to peace, fear to enthusiasm, and snagged situations to magical results.

Full Synopsis
Because science has long taught us to rely on what we can see and touch, we often don't notice that our spirit, thoughts, emotions, and body are all made of energy—that everything is vibrating. As we move out of the age of technology and into the age of intuition, we need the tools to understand what it means to be a vibrational being and how our natural frequency affects us.

In Frequency, Penney Peirce shows you how to feel your personal vibration and work intentionally with energy to transform your life. Rather than being carried by external, conflicting energies, you can still your mind and become aware of who you are—your natural frequency—and what you truly want to create. By fully understanding the role that energy plays, you can harness the real power behind the laws of the universe and reap the benefits of the life you're built for.

"Penney Peirce clarifies many of the energy principles that have previously been unacknowledged, but which we can now intentionally use to keep ourselves healthy and improve the realities we live in. I laughed out loud when I read this book, and enjoyed it immensely." ---Richard Bartlett, author of Matrix Energetics

"Potent and evocative." --Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of Jump Time

"Frequency is an unprecedented gift for the person who is ready to evolve." ---John L. Petersen, author of A Vision for 2012


The Power of Personal Vibration

Author Penney Peirce

Narrated by Laural Merlington

Publication date Sep 17, 2012

Running time 12 hrs

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