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Short Synopsis
In his honest, engaging, and revealing new memoir, entrepreneur Jeffrey Loria lifts the curtain on two of the most mysterious, high-stakes, and high-profile businesses today: Major League Baseball and modern art.

Full Synopsis
Before he wrote a memoir, Jeffrey Loria was the author of one of America's most remarkable professional careers. He began as a very private modern art dealer, and ultimately became a very public Major League Baseball team owner and World Series champion. Welcome to his unique and thrilling world.

How are great artists like great athletes? How can one recognize great art or great athletic talent? And most of all, who were the amazing artists who changed our visual interpretation of the twentieth century and the talented athletes who are transforming our national pastime? Go inside fascinating artists' studios and high-energy baseball clubhouses and dugouts as Loria shares his keen eye and front-row seat.

From achieving a coveted World Series championship to helping build world-class art collections, which have found their way into many major museums and private holdings, Loria relies on a special mix of perseverance, professionalism, and passion. From the Front Row offers a rare glimpse into the life of a private, sometimes provocative, and highly successful entrepreneur, who has never shied away from taking big risks to achieve big dreams.

From the Front Row

Reflections of a Major League Baseball Owner and Modern Art Dealer

Author Jeffrey Loria

Narrated by John McLain

Publication date Jan 31, 2023

Running time 11 hrs 3 min

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