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Short Synopsis
Donna Augustine presents the second book in her Wyrd Blood series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
One monster wants my soul. One man wants my magic. Me? I want to be left alone to live my life out like a dull, one of the lucky people who were born devoid of magic. But that won't happen because being born a Wyrd Blood gives me two choices in life: ruler or slave.

I'd rather die than be a slave and I'm not cut out to rule. Instead I've been hiding out in the Valley. Life is pretty good here, with food in my belly and a warm bed to sleep. If I didn't get harassed constantly by Ryker, the man who wants my magic, it might be good enough to lull me into thinking life could continue on like this forever.

Until I get a message from Bones, the monster who owns my soul . . .

Contains mature themes.

Full Blood

Author Donna Augustine

Narrated by Nicole Poole

Publication date Apr 16, 2019

Running time 7 hrs

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