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On a quest for what matters most, Timothy Shriver discovers a radically different, inspiring way of life—starting with his own famous family.

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At a time when we are all more rudderless than ever, we look for the very best teachers and mentors to guide us. In Fully Alive, an unusual and gripping memoir, Timothy Shriver shows how his teachers have been the world's most forgotten minority: people with intellectual disabilities.

Shriver's journey begins close to home, where the quiet legacy of his aunt Rosemary, a Kennedy whose intellectual disability kept her far from the limelight, inspired his family to devote their careers to helping the most vulnerable. He plays alongside the children of Camp Shriver, his mother's revolutionary project, which provided a space for children with intellectual disabilities to play. Years later, he gains invaluable wisdom from the incredible athletes he befriends as chairman of the organization that Camp Shriver inspired: Special Olympics.

Fully Alive is both a moving personal journey and a meditation on some of the greatest wisdom and the greatest contradictions of our society. Is disability to be feared or welcomed, pitied or purged? Shriver argues that we all have different abilities and challenges we should embrace. We see how those who appear powerless have turned this seeming shortcoming into a power of their own, and we learn that we are all totally vulnerable and valuable at the same time.

"Sincere, profound and deeply satisfying." ---Kirkus Starred Review

"Bursting with life energy. Profound and inspiring. A must-read." ---Deepak Chopra
Kirkus Review


Fully Alive

Discovering What Matters Most

Author Timothy Shriver

Narrated by David Drummond

Publication date Jan 20, 2015

Running time 11 hrs

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