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Short Synopsis
Having moved his family to the market town of Eastvale, Chief Inspector Alan Banks is disturbed by a local crime wave and teams up with psychologist Jenny Fuller—to whom he is attracted—to find out who is targeting Eastvale women.

Full Synopsis
Former London policeman Alan Banks relocated to Yorkshire seeking some small measure of peace. But depravity and violence are unfortunately not unique to large cities. His new venue, the quaint little village of Eastvale, seems to have more than its fair share of malefactors—among them a brazen Peeping Tom who hides in night's shadows spying on attractive, unsuspecting ladies as they prepare for bed.

When an elderly woman is found brutally slain in her home, Chief Inspector Banks wonders if the voyeur has increased the awful intensity of his criminal activities. But whether related or not, perverse local acts and murderous ones are combining to profoundly touch Banks's suddenly vulnerable personal life, forcing a dedicated law officer to make hard choices he'd dearly hoped would never be necessary.

"Mark Honan delivers a powerful and affecting performance that will make Banks a favorite for years to come.... A truly compelling listen." ---Publishers Weekly Audio Review

"An intimate procedural, nicely and comfortably done, suspenseful as well and satisfying in its resolutions." ---The Los Angeles Times

"The considerable appeal of this first novel...lies in Robinson's updating of the genre with realistic treatment of contemporary violence and sexual issues, while maintaining the charm and civility of the setting." ---Publishers Weekly

"An extremely well-fashioned police procedural." ---The New York Times Book Review

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Author Peter Robinson

Narrated by Mark Honan

Publication date Aug 17, 2009

Running time 9 hrs

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