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Short Synopsis
Mary Frame presents Book 2 in the Dorky Duet series.

Full Synopsis
She needs a story. He's trying to escape one.

Annabel Moreland can't leave podunk Blue Falls, Texas, until her little brother graduates. But she's about to lose the job she needs to support him like she promised, they'll end up homeless wretches, and it will be all her fault. Worse, she can't swing a cat in this town without hitting someone she would rather forget.

Unfortunately, the answer to this litany of problems comes in the form of an unforgettable, dead sexy, cat-loving, shenanigan-directing trickster named Jude Parker. He's got enough secrets to fill the Mississippi and she's on a mission to fish out every single one.

She just needs to do it without falling into his bed . . . again.


Author Mary Frame

Narrated by Brandon Utah, Samantha Summers

Publication date Mar 17, 2020

Running time 8 hrs

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