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Short Synopsis
Duncan Ralston presents a gripping ghost thriller.

Full Synopsis
People are dying to get in. The ghosts will kill to get out.

Discover and explore hundreds of haunted buildings and cursed objects! Witness spectral beings of all kinds with our patented Augmented Reality glasses! Experience all the terror and thrills the afterlife has to offer, safely protected by our Recurrence Field technology! Visit Ghostland today—it's the hauntedest place on earth!

After a near-death experience caused by the park's star haunted attraction, Ben has come to Ghostland seeking to reconnect with his former best friend Lilian, whose post-traumatic stress won't let her live life to the fullest. She's come at the insistence of her therapist, Dr. Allison Wexler, who tags along out of professional curiosity, eager to study the new tech's psychological effect on the user.

But when a computer virus sets the ghosts free and the park goes into lockdown, the trio find themselves trapped in an endless nightmare.With time running short and the dead quickly outnumbering the living, the survivors must tap into their knowledge of horror and video games to escape . . . or become Ghostland's newest exhibits.

"Joe Hempel is a wonderful narrator. He is perfect for this type of book. I have listened to four horror books by another author that he narrated." ---Exit, Persued by a Bear


Author Duncan Ralston

Narrated by Joe Hempel

Publication date Mar 17, 2020

Running time 10 hrs 3 min

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