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Short Synopsis
Jenn Burke presents Book 2 in the Not Dead Yet series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
The bigger they are, the harder they maul.

Immortal not-ghost Wes Cooper and his vampire partner, Hudson Rojas, have it all—rewarding private investigation work, great friends and, most important, a love that's endured. But ever since Wes sent a demon screaming back to the beyond, his abilities have grown overpowering and overwhelming. He's hiding the fact that he's losing control the best he can, but it's hard to keep anything a secret for long when your partner's a former cop . . . and especially when your partner's a former cop who wants to move in together.

When all hell literally breaks loose in Toronto and super-strength ghosts are unleashed on Wes and his friends, he and Hudson are thrown into a case unlike any they've seen before. To save the city, Wes needs to harness his new power . . . and find some answers. But when he gets them, the solution to fix it all could mean losing everything.

Contains mature themes.

"Greg Boudreaux performs this book excellently. The characters each have a unique voice and it shows through with every intonation." ---Joyfully Jay

"Greg Boudreaux is a master voice actor. He nails every emotion and character in this book; whether it’s Wes’ sarcasm or fear of someone finding out his secret, Iskander’s broken voice or Hudson’s love for Wes." ---Love Bytes Reviews

Give Up The Ghost

Author Jenn Burke

Narrated by Greg Boudreaux

Publication date Aug 27, 2019

Running time 8 hrs 4 min

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