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Short Synopsis
Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe is the definitive biography based on over six hundred interviews with people who knew Marilyn Monroe both professionally and intimately.

Full Synopsis
Marilyn Monroe, born to deprivation and a series of foster homes, became an acting legend of the twentieth century. She married famous men, Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller, and her many lovers included President John F. Kennedy. Her death, at thirty-six, is a mystery that remains unsolved to this day.

Anthony Summers interviewed 600 people for this book, which reveals unknown truths, some funny, some very sad, about this brilliant but troubled woman. First to gain access to the files of Monroe's last psychiatrist, he throws light on Monroe's troubled psyche and her addiction to medications. He establishes once and for all that she was intimately involved with John and Robert Kennedy, who probably covered up the circumstances of her death.

“A remarkable performance . . . The ghost of Marilyn Monroe cries out in these pages.” ---New York Times

“Convincing evidence of a crude but effective cover-up which was designed to protect Robert Kennedy.” ---The Times Literary Supplement
New York Times Bestseller


The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe

Author Anthony Summers

Narrated by Donna Postel

Publication date Oct 17, 2017

Running time 20 hrs

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