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Short Synopsis
Hailey Edwards presents Book 5 in the Black Hat Bureau series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Famous monsters are resurrecting across Mississippi, each one recreating their own gruesome deaths through new victims. Every time Rue pins down one horror legend, another appears with its own bloodthirsty agenda. The summoners raising these vengeful spirits save their best for last, a cruel gift that shatters Rue. But she's not the only one whose heart gets broken.

Once her father realizes what the summoners have done, who they've awakened, there is nowhere they can hide where he can't find them. After this final betrayal, there are no limits on how far he's willing to go to bring down Black Hat, the director, and anyone else who gets in his way.

Including his own daughter.

Contains mature themes.

"Ms. Richardson uses a strong, confident feminine voice for Rue/the narrator, which suits the character and storytelling. . . . The narrator successfully portrays emotions and has created unique identities for the main characters." —That's What I'm Talking About

Gray Witch

Author Hailey Edwards

Narrated by Stephanie Richardson

Publication date Oct 25, 2022

Running time 9 hrs

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