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Short Synopsis
Ker Dukey and K. Webster present Book 7 in the Elite Seven series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I'm hungry. My greed is insatiable. I'm a slave to the need. The drive for more. For everything.

Once I decide I want something, the greed for it consumes me. I want answers. I want justice. I want vengeance. I want her.

My best friend and his sister—the girl I vowed could trust in me and whom I would always protect—dropped off the map two years ago. My own father pledged assurances that they'd been living a life they deserved. Lies.

Hell hath no fury like a man willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill his promise. I may be a greedy sonofab*, but I'm also a loyal one. Cross me or my brothers, and I'll come for your throat. And my teeth are razor sharp.

When I discover the corruption running deep within my own bloodline, I take a stand to right the wrongs. I had no idea their darkness would lead me to the light—to her. The Lust I have for her will keep me grounded. The Wrath for those who betrayed us will ignite the fight inside me. And the Greed for victory will consume our enemies in a tidal wave of Hell's fury.

They say the three gates of Hell are Lust, Wrath, and Greed. Well, open up, motherf*kers . . . Daddy’s home. I am Micah Dixon. I am Greed.

Contains mature themes.


Author Ker Dukey, K Webster

Narrated by Amelie Griffin, Alex Kydd

Publication date Dec 17, 2019

Running time 6 hrs

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