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Jackie Lau presents Book 1 in the Kwan Sisters series. Contains mature themes.

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I'm a pretty simple guy. When I'm not writing a science fiction novel, I'm watching a good movie or reading a book. Alone. I like my reclusive life. That is, until my only friend asks for a favor—pretend to be his baby sister's boyfriend on a couples' getaway. Her ex is going to be there and she needs me as a buffer.

I should have said no, but Naomi is bubbly, energetic, and beautiful. She also means everything to her brother. But now, our fake romance is starting to feel all too real, and I find myself stuck between the promise I made to my friend and risking my heart to the one woman who might actually get me . . .

Contains mature themes.

Grumpy Fake Boyfriend

Author Jackie Lau

Narrated by Vivienne Moon Kells, David Lee Huynh

Publication date Sep 20, 2022

Running time 5 hrs

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