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Short Synopsis
David Delaney presents the second book in his Paragon Society series.

Full Synopsis
Shape-shifters, battle mages, and blood magic–wielding bad guys, or, as Orson Reid calls it—Tuesday. Luckily for Orson, the rumors are true, he is the Ollphiest, the monster that even monsters fear.

Now, as the newest member of the Paragon Society, Orson is eyeballs deep in a crash course on battle magic. He spends his days training with Lucy, who attempts to slice, dice, and set him on fire. Seriously.

So, when the Society directs them to check out a possible rogue magic user in Northern California, Orson is more than happy for the break.

350 miles north of Los Angeles, a college sophomore, in a desperate attempt at love, has unwittingly unleashed chaos, placing Orson and Lucy on a collision course with mayhem.

Gypsy Witch

A Paragon Society Novel

Author David Delaney

Narrated by Matt Godfrey

Publication date Feb 28, 2019

Running time 8 hrs

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