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Short Synopsis
Meg Xuemei X presents Book 2 in the Half-Blood Academy series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I hate myself for craving the panty-melting demigods.

But my awakening power is volatile and destructive. Only they can prevent me from turning into a ticking bomb.

When Lucifer's heir breaches the wards of the Academy to kidnap me, the sea demigod, my sworn enemy, uncovers my hidden origin. Instead of exposing me, or, worse, leading the Dominion army to hunt me down, he leaves a trail of dead bodies behind to protect my dangerous secret.

Contains mature themes.

Half-Blood Academy 2: Magic Secret

Author Meg Xuemei X

Narrated by Noelle Bridges, Alexander Cendese

Publication date Jul 28, 2020

Running time 5 hrs 13 min

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