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Short Synopsis
R. E. Carr and Rick Gualtieri present Book 3 in the False Icon series.

Full Synopsis
Hell is where the heart is.

For five years my life has been a living breathing hell—literally. Worst of all, I don’t remember any of it. We're not talking some vague blackout here, no, this is full-on comic book levels of amnesia. But now I'm back, only to find the whole world managed to survive without me. Some hero I turned out to be.

There's no time to wallow, though, not when I'm surrounded by pissed off dryads and vampires who've somehow figured out how to walk in the sunlight. I'll need to get my head back in the game before they do something stupid, like trigger Armageddon—again.

Thankfully, I'm not alone. With an equally confused former vampire by my side, as well as a baby minotaur and my wizard ex-boyfriend, I'll have to contend with the forces of Hades that are hot on my tail. I've been given a second chance at life. Now to make sure I don't die before I can actually enjoy it.

Halfhearted Hunter

Author Rick Gualtieri, R.E. Carr

Narrated by Andrea Emmes

Publication date Dec 21, 2021

Running time 13 hrs

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