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Short Synopsis
Delancey Stewart presents Book 2 in the Singletree series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Juliet Manchester is America's best-loved movie starlet. But when a nasty divorce and a sex-tape scandal threaten to tarnish her spotless good-girl reputation, she turns to costar Ryan McDonnell to help distract the media with a passionate (and completely fake) new romance. The only problem? They're both in love with other people.

Going home for Gran's ninetieth in Maryland was something I normally would've been looking forward to. But the timing is terrible. My ex is dragging me through a media scandal, and if I had my way, I'd stay out of the spotlight entirely.

But America's Sweetheart has to be okay, and my agent is positive the best way to convince America that I'm not in the midst of a breakdown is to date my latest co-star. He's hot. He's sweet. And he's willing. But he's not the man I'm in love with.

The former Marine bodyguard who's been stationed inside my house by the private security firm I employ is nothing like a movie star. He's rough around the edges, from the wrong side of the tracks . . . and one-hundred percent exactly my type.

I just need to remember that Jace Morgan is here to protect me. Not to love me.

Contains mature themes.

Happily Ever Hers

Author Delancey Stewart

Narrated by Noah Michael Levine, Robyn Verne

Publication date Aug 18, 2020

Running time 8 hrs

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