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Short Synopsis
At a modern-day Renaissance fair, one woman is about to meet her knight in tarnished armor.

Full Synopsis
Men in tights never looked so good. At least that's Pepper Marsh's first impression when she attends a jousting competition at the Rennaissance Faire in Ontario. An unemployed and unattached software engineer, Pepper has had enough of the computer geeks in her dating pool. She yearns for a man of yore. A man not afraid to stare death in the face . . . and laugh at it. A man with a big lance . . .

Pepper's cousin has promised to find her a knight in shining armor, on the condition that Pepper walk around in wench garb. With her mind on her embarrassingly revealing bodice, Pepper promptly steps into the path of an oncoming steed . . . and is rescued by sexy Englishman Walker McPhail. Once the wild man of jousting, Walker has let a brush with death keep him out of the ring. Though his emotions are clad in almost impenetrable armor, Pepper finds Walker infuriatingly sexy—and she's about to go medieval on his heart.

"Generously seasoned with her distinctive brand of impudent wit, set against the fascinating world of jousting competitions, and graced with a full cast of deliciously original characters (including a fiendishly adorable cat), MacAlister's latest fresh, funny, and fabulously sexy contemporary romance is pure fun." ---Booklist

"Kate MacAlister's outlandish and outrageously fun romance sparkles even more, thanks to Karen White's astute humor and timing. Her range of voices and accents is as impressive as her emotional depth, and she clearly revels in the many moments of hilarity and sentimentality in this lighthearted adventure." ---AudioFile

Hard Day's Knight

Author Katie MacAlister

Narrated by Karen White

Publication date Aug 12, 2013

Running time 12 hrs

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