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Short Synopsis
Investigative reporter Tessa Novak and undercover FBI agent Julian Darcangelo are forced to trust each other as they both face a deadly threat, in the second book of the I-Team series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
After the murder of a teenage girl, a mysterious man in a black leather jacket was seen lurking near the crime scene. Investigative reporter Tessa Novak has him in her sights as the culprit.

That man was Julian Darcangelo, an undercover FBI agent working with the Denver police. He's closing in on the trail of a human trafficker and killer. Tessa's accusations could blow his cover, and he wants her off the investigation.

But just as Tessa has made Julian a target of interest, she is now a target of the killer. And as they are forced to trust each other, their physical attraction escalates as intensely as the threat from a ruthless murderer who wants to see both of them dead . . .

"Calling on her own experiences, reporter turned author Clare adds a realistic edge to her suspenseful writing. . . . Clare definitely seems to have found her niche." ---Romantic Times
Author Interview
Pamela Clare

Hard Evidence

Author Pamela Clare

Narrated by Kaleo Griffith

Publication date Nov 19, 2012

Running time 12 hrs

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