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Julia Gabriel presents Book 2 of the St. Caroline series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Becca Trevor never intended to come back to pretty little St. Caroline, Maryland, and her family's quilt shop. Growing up, she was the wild child . . . and the black sheep of the family . . . and the girl who couldn't get anything right.

And she definitely never intended to see Jack Wolfe again. Those fifteen minutes she'd spent with him at a graduation party seven years ago? Unforgettable—for a whole lot of reasons.

Jack Wolfe was the golden boy of St. Caroline. Smart, Ivy League-educated, law school-bound. He's home from California for a family emergency, a situation that would not be improved by the news that he's not the hotshot corporate attorney everyone thinks he is. If he can keep his real job a secret until the end of summer, he'll still be golden and no one else will be the wiser.

But Becca has an even bigger secret of her own . . . one that will change Jack's life forever.

Contains mature themes.

Hearts on Fire

A St. Caroline Novel

Author Julia Gabriel

Narrated by Samantha Desz

Publication date Mar 29, 2019

Running time 8 hrs 13 min

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