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Short Synopsis
Kim Faulks presents the fourth book in her Hell is a Harem series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I'm a prisoner in the Unseelie world. The bars of my prison my portal to home. The Queen of Air and Darkness my judge, jury . . . and executioner.

I must pay for my crimes, she tells me—for all my sins. And while I wait in this cold, dark Hell, my father has the real murderer, the Unseelie Prince, Absolon. Lucifer won't hurt him, even when Absolon laughs in his face. For my life hangs in the balance . . .

But was this all part of the Queen's master plan? A plan to make me hurt. A plan to make me pay . . . and to force to his knees the one who got away—Redemption.

He will beg for her mercy. He will stand bare for her cruel gaze. Will do it all . . . and he'll do it for me.

We'll fight with all we have. We'll hold each other close. And pray we survive.

Contains mature themes.

Hell is a Harem

Book 4

Author Kim Faulks

Narrated by Lauren Sweet, Alex Kydd

Publication date Mar 26, 2019

Running time 8 hrs 18 min

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