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Short Synopsis
This contemporary romance novel from bestselling author Julie A. Richman tells the story of Henry, a man who is on a journey to find love and happiness in a world where he is still not fully accepted. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Dreams. I used to have them before the nightmares started. I dreamed of nice guys, love . . . normalcy. Things like reading the Sunday paper in bed with my lover. But who needs dreams when your reality is filled with a string of faceless dominating men in uniform? Men that pack a thick bulge and are only too happy to satisfy your sexual cravings. Me, that's who.

Then he walked through the door and shared with me, a total stranger, his intimate dream of love. Damn him for verbalizing every single detail of the dream I buried long ago. And now I don't know how I'm going to live without that dream—or him.

Contains mature themes.

Henry's End

Author Julie A. Richman

Narrated by Philip Alces

Publication date Nov 27, 2015

Running time 8 hrs

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