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Short Synopsis
Melissa McClone presents Book 2 in the Mountain Rescue Romance series.

Full Synopsis
Sean Hughes likes being single—much to his family's dismay. They want him to settle down . . . now. When he gives fun-loving snowboarder Zoe Flynn a ride to the slopes, Sean hatches a plan to throw off his matchmaking relatives. He asks Zoe to pose as his girlfriend at Thanksgiving dinner, which will take the pressure off him and make the evening more enjoyable all around.

Zoe agrees to be Sean's fake girlfriend. Who wouldn't want a free meal or a chance to hang out with the handsome mountain rescuer and his adorable husky? When an injury occurs, the two are forced to continue their one-night ruse. As Christmas approaches, make-believe turns into reality. But Zoe has a secret . . . a big one.

Is their new relationship strong enough to withstand the truth, or will she find herself with no one to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve?

Her Christmas Secret

Author Melissa McClone

Narrated by Angie Hickman

Publication date Nov 28, 2023

Running time 7 hrs

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