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Short Synopsis
Savannah Skye presents the first book in the Succubus Chronicles series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
When librarian Stevie Price goes out with some friends on New Year's Eve, she never expects to come home on the back of a motorcycle with four sexy demons who claim they're her new protectors. And she definitely doesn't expect to be hunted by a crazed she-devil named Luci who wants her dead. But she's not going down without a fight.

Now, if she can just stop herself from falling in love with Damon, Lachlan, Matteo, and Rex? Maybe she's got a chance in hell of surviving this mess . . .

Contains mature themes.

Her Demon Harem Book One

Reverse Harem Fantasy

Author Savannah Skye

Narrated by Stephanie Rose

Publication date Mar 13, 2018

Running time 5 hrs 10 min

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