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A must-listen contemporary romance from Sarah Forester Davis. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
No matter how many times they try to cage us, remember . . . we always have the ability to let ourselves fly free.

Killian Lewis has grown up in the spotlight. At nineteen-years-old, he has finally had enough of this showbiz life. Much to the disappointment of his cold-hearted team, he decides to leave his celebrity life in London for the summer. Instead, he's going to hide out in Ohio with his father and a blended family that he barely knows.

His plan is to stay invisible. His plan is to figure out his future. His plan is to decide if the life of an actor is still worth living. But then he meets Hazel.

While stuck in the JFK airport during a layover, Killian walks up to this free-spirited girl and is abruptly thrown into her eccentric world. Not only does he feel this instant connection to her, but as time passes he realizes he knows her. He just can't remember how.

Hazel has secrets. These secrets have not only changed her life, but they'll change Killian's, too. The question is, will Killian figure them out in time . . . and if he does, what will he do when these secrets finally become unveiled?

Contains mature themes.

Her Name is Hazel

Author Sarah Forester Davis

Narrated by Rachel Perry, Joseph Tobey

Publication date Sep 19, 2023

Running time 9 hrs

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