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Short Synopsis
Jess Michaels presents a captivating historical romance about the power of second chances in the latest installment of her Mistress Matchmaker series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Vivien Manning, the notorious Mistress Matchmaker, is tired. Tired of the parties, tired of the lovers, tired of being her. So she decides to leave London behind once and for all and start a whole new life.

But before she goes, she must tie up some loose ends, and makes a list that includes a man she's never been fully able to let go—Benedict Greystone.

Benedict was broken when Vivien broke off their affair years ago. When she comes back into his life—and his bed—he isn't certain of anything except the power of their desire.

But as Vivien moves closer to disappearing forever, both of them begin to question if the past can be overcome and if love might be the one loose end that cannot be neatly tied up.

Her Perfect Match

Author Jess Michaels

Narrated by Carmen Rose

Publication date Feb 27, 2014

Running time 7 hrs 6 min

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