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Short Synopsis
Danielle Garrett presents Book 2 in the Nine Lives Magic series.

Full Synopsis
Have you ever wished your cat could talk to you? If so, allow my story to be your cautionary tale.

My aunt Lavender is in danger and it's up to me and my reluctant familiar to save her.

Unfortunately, the sassy cat isn't big on the whole concept of teamwork.

With no idea where Lavender is and our leads in short supply, we turn to an archivist who might have the answers to our questions. But when he turns up dead under suspicious circumstances, our last glimmer of hope goes dark.

Unless . . . the secrets to my aunt's disappearance are tangled up in the famed archivist's sudden death. The police are quick to write it off as a tragic accident, leaving it up to me and Selene to crack the case and discover his link to Aunt Lavender.

I just hope we aren't too late.

"manda Ronconi is the series narrator and she is abso-fab with Cora, Selene and the rest of the cast, the tone, and the pace of these books." ---Books of My Heart

"Ms. Ronconi alters each character’s voice based on age, gender, background, and species. And Selene’s voice is still awesome- a perfect fit for the annoying cat." --That's What I'm Talking About

Hexed Hiss-tory

Author Danielle Garrett

Narrated by Amanda Ronconi

Publication date Oct 26, 2021

Running time 6 hrs

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