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Short Synopsis
Set in a New York where ancient gods roam, Hidden Blade is an exciting urban fantasy novel from Pippa DaCosta.

Full Synopsis
Kicked out of the underworld and cursed to walk this earth for all eternity, Ace Dante finds solace in helping others avoid the wrath of the gods.

But when warrior-bitch, Queen of Cats, and Ace's ex-wife, Bastet, hires him to stop whoever is slaughtering her blessed women, Ace is caught between two of the most powerful deities to have ever existed: Isis and Osiris.

The once-revered gods aren't dead. They're back, and Ace is in their way.

"Hidden Blade is a breath of fresh air for urban fantasy fans. . . . [with] brilliant world building, fascinating mythology, [and] wonderful multilayered characters." ---Feeling Fictional

"Hidden Blade is a whirlwind of action!" ---Kariny's Teen Boox Frenzy

"Multilayered characters, great actions scenes and an emotional rollercoaster can be expected EVERYTIME you pick up one of [Pippa DaCosta's] books." ---The Accidental Reader

Hidden Blade

Author Pippa DaCosta

Narrated by Paul Woodson

Publication date Oct 11, 2016

Running time 5 hrs

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