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Short Synopsis
A powerful knight meets his match in a mysterious beauty bent on revenge, in the first book in an exciting new series by New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell.

Full Synopsis
When destiny brought Sir Balfour Murray and his wounded brother down the same road as Maldie Kirkaldy, she offered her services as a nurse even as she tried to deny the desire this dark-eyed knight had ignited at first sight. Soon they discover that they both share a mission of vengeance, but Maldie cannot tell him her true identity—to do so would brand her a spy . . .

Sworn to avenge his family as chief of the Doncoill Clan, Balfour vows to destroy his greatest foe, with Maldie at his side. Yet Balfour knows that he can no more afford to trust her than he can ignore his lust for this sultry beauty. Now, he is not only determined to unearth her deepest secrets, but also to pursue his passion for her. And nothing will stand in his way . . .

"A brightly colored plaid that is sure to capture [listeners'] hearts everywhere." ---Romantic Times

Highland Destiny

Author Hannah Howell

Narrated by Angela Dawe

Publication date Sep 28, 2012

Running time 11 hrs

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