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Short Synopsis
Xavier Neal presents an opposites attract romantic comedy.

Full Synopsis

Pause, take a breath, and glisten . . . That's the better way to phrase Yasmine Brown sweating to death on her first hike, which is, obviously her punishment for being too cheap or too stubborn to buy the outdoor-loving woman she calls her best friend a stupid gift.

Most people are willing to accept her famous baked desserts as the perfect present. Unfortunately, that trick doesn't work when your best friend is also your employee. One little trek to make the birthday brat happy won't kill her, right?


Halt, take a sip, oh no, she's slippin' . . . One minute Sutton Thisleton is having a drink, and the next he's helping the most gorgeous woman he's ever crossed paths with out of the small hole she fell into. Most people wouldn't see this as the right opportunity to grab a date. They also wouldn't wander from city to city because the wind seemed to shift them another direction one random afternoon. Good thing he's never been most people.

What will happen when these two opposite worlds continuously collide? Will they find a way to create a sweet, long lasting treat together, or will it end with one of them being told to take a permanent hike?

Hike, Hike, Baby

Author Xavier Neal

Narrated by Teddy Hamilton, Mari

Publication date Feb 11, 2020

Running time 6 hrs 9 min

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