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Short Synopsis
Max Walker presents Book 3 in the Stonewall Investigations Miami series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis

Family, friends, and video games. The three things that define my life. When a fourth variable gets added in the form of a smoldering detective named Rocky Hudson, suddenly everything changes. Life isn't as simple anymore, and it begins to start feeling like a new world is opening up to me.

Our connection starts off on shaky ground and my daydreams about the handsome man quickly fluctuate from me ringing his neck to him ringing my . . . like I said, shaky ground. Bottom line though: I couldn't stop thinking about him. And soon, I wouldn't ever want to stop.


Tragedy made me who I was, cementing the brick wall I had built around myself after the hurt subsided. The only time I'd let people in was when I'd walk them into my Velvet Room. But as far as craving relationships, I had killed that part of myself ages ago. Imagine my surprise when a bright-eyed young guy comes barreling through my defenses, knocking it all down, changing everything.

As the connection between us strengthens and the mystery deepens, I find myself protecting his heart at all costs, while surrendering my own in the process.

Contains mature themes.

His First Surrender

Author Max Walker

Narrated by Greg Boudreaux

Publication date Jul 13, 2021

Running time 8 hrs 9 min

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