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Short Synopsis
Return to an age of danger and chivalry in Shayla Black's Brothers in Arms historical romance trilogy. In this series, three daring knights—fostered together since boyhood in the warrior tradition—face their greatest challenge . . . winning the hearts of the women they love. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
He was a legend on the battlefield, but Aric Neville, known throughout England as the White Lion, had had his fill of intrigue and bloodshed. So he threw down his sword and walked away, to live a solitary life, cultivating a reputation as a sorcerer. But his prized tranquility was shattered when the villagers brought him a bride. Gwenyth de Auburd was a raven-haired beauty too impudent to ignore and too tempting to resist. When the war raging around them sucked Aric into his past again, he also fought a losing battle against his undeniable desire for the luscious, willful maiden . . . only to learn that he had come to cherish as his wife.

Contains mature themes.

"Tim Campbell did a good job with this story." ---Bambi Unbridled

"Tim Campbell does an expert job narrating this medieval tale of knights and damsels, authentically portraying the English, Scottish, and Irish accents of the various characters." ---AudioFile

His Lady Bride

Author Shayla Black, Shelley Bradley

Narrated by Tim Campbell

Publication date Sep 5, 2017

Running time 9 hrs 4 min

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