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Short Synopsis
Gabrielle Ashton presents Book 1 in the Holding Out series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Picture this: You pack your bags. Move to Paris. Fall in love. A dream, right?

Wrong. Especially when you find out your Mr. Right is actually married. With kids. Don't even mention the white picket fence.

Heartbroken in the City of Love, the last person Elizabeth Hastings expects to lend her a shoulder to cry on is her brother's best friend . . .

Spencer Tate is opening up his first gym in London when a frantic call sends him to Paris to check on his best friend Sebastian's baby sister.

If he's lucky, he can stop in for a minute and be back in London the next day. Easy peasy. Except the dorky bookworm he remembers is now all grown up, with dangerous curves, lips just made for kissing, and eyes he could get lost in . . .

Spencer. Is. Screwed.

Contains mature themes.

Holding Out For Paris

Author Gabrielle Ashton

Narrated by Nelson Hobbs, Madeleine Dauer

Publication date Oct 22, 2019

Running time 7 hrs 23 min

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