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Short Synopsis
Brent Purvis presents the third book in his Jim and Kram Funny Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
When a dip-net fisherman hauls in a severed human foot, Lieutenant Jim Wekle is thrown into another whodunit on his remote island. Alaskan mayhem ensues with a rogue gang of elderly women on ATVs, a Planet Patrol environmental boat with an oil leak, and an influx of tourists, each clutching a fresh copy of a book titled, Muskeg Mama. Kram is in rare form as he decides to enter the local work force by applying his unique perspective to a series of part-time jobs. Commercial fishermen are enraged, cough syrup is being purchased in bulk, fish are being lit on fire for profit, and a local writer is in crisis. The result is bedlam on the shores of Hooligan Arm.

Hooligan Arm

Author Brent Purvis

Narrated by Rudy Sanda

Publication date Oct 9, 2018

Running time 9 hrs

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