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Short Synopsis
From a disastrous decade in foster care to Harvard Law School and beyond: this is the profoundly moving memoir of one boy who beat the system.

Full Synopsis
When Andrew Bridge was seven years old, he and his mother—a mentally unstable woman who loved her child more than she could care for him—slid deeper and deeper into poverty, until they were reduced to scavenging for food in trash bins. Welfare officials did little more than threaten to take Andrew away, until a social worker arrived with a police escort and did just that while his mother screamed on the sidewalk. And so began Andrew's descent into the foster care system—"care" being a terrible irony, as he received almost none for the next eleven years.

Academic achievement was Andrew's ticket out of hell—a scholarship to Wesleyan University led to Harvard Law School and a Fulbright Scholarship. Now an accomplished adult, he has dedicated his life to working on behalf of the frightened children still lost in the system. Hope's Boy is his story, a story of endurance and the power of love and, most of all, of hope.

"David Drummond's delivery of narrative is straightforward and well paced.... Drummond's portrayal of Andy has the longing and wistfulness of a son who adores his mother and grieves their parting." ---AudioFile

"An inspiring account." ---Library Journal

"Bridge...has provided remarkable insights into a dark corner of American society." ---Publishers Weekly

"Bridge has written an affecting, moving memoir which in the end is a poignant cry for rethinking our foster care system. Hope's Boy will stay with you long after you've put it down." ---Alex Kotlowitz, author of There Are No Children Here
Washington Post Bestseller

Book Sense Bestseller

Hope's Boy

A Memoir

Author Andrew Bridge

Narrated by David Drummond

Publication date Feb 19, 2008

Running time 11 hrs

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