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Short Synopsis
Jenn Burke presents Book 2 in the Ashes and Dust series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
He's done fighting his attraction to the sexy vampire . . .

To say former firefighter Colin Zhang is struggling to accept his new life would be a vast understatement. He's bound to a vampire he didn't choose, living in a house filled with creatures better left to the imagination—there's a lot to resent. As much as he tries, he doesn't resent Evan—far from it. But he needs to know that what he feels is real and that requires breaking their bond. No matter the cost.

Vampire private investigator Evan Fournier is more than willing to explore his connection with Colin, but the crisis at hand keeps getting in the way. Their bond makes it dangerous for them to be apart, so he’s forced to put the other man at risk while he investigates the latest in a series of murders. If he doesn’t find the killer soon, the paranormal community will seek retribution on all humans, not just the guilty ones.

As the tensions escalate, Evan and Colin find solace in each other and their growing attraction. But if their bond is broken, attraction—even love—might not be enough to keep them safe.

Contains mature themes.

"[Paige] did a really good job with the more tense scenes, performing them with the right emotion. Especially the last chapter." —Joyfully Jay

"Tim Paige does his usual excellent job performing this story. The consistency between the books is amazing. " ---Love Bytes Reviews

House on Fire

Author Jenn Burke

Narrated by Tim Paige

Publication date Jul 12, 2022

Running time 6 hrs 26 min

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