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Short Synopsis
From Rodney Stark, the author of God's Battalions, comes the truth about the rise of Western civilization.

Full Synopsis
Modernity developed only in the West—in Europe and North America. Nowhere else did science and democracy arise; nowhere else was slavery outlawed. Only Westerners invented chimneys, musical scores, telescopes, eyeglasses, pianos, electric lights, aspirin, and soap. The question is, why? Unfortunately, that question has become so politically incorrect that most scholars avoid it. But acclaimed author Rodney Stark provides the answers in this sweeping new look at Western civilization.

How the West Won demonstrates the primacy of uniquely Western ideas—among them the belief in free will, the commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, the notion that the universe functions according to rational rules that can be discovered, and the emphasis on human freedom and secure property rights. How the West Won displays Stark's gifts for lively narrative history and making the latest scholarship accessible to all. This bold, insightful book will force you to rethink your understanding of the West and the birth of modernity—and to recognize that Western civilization really has set itself apart from other cultures.

"Foley's deep, clear voice adds a level of weight to the book, and his rhythmic cadence and engaging tone keep the material engaging. Stark's prose is complemented by Foley's assured delivery." ---AudioFile

"What sets How the West Won apart from similar histories, and what makes it a sheer delight to read, is Stark's wit, his elegant writing and, most especially, his reinterpretation of various historical events." ---Smoky Mountain News

How the West Won

The Neglected Story of the Triumph of Modernity

Author Rodney Stark

Narrated by Kevin Foley

Publication date Jun 27, 2014

Running time 15 hrs 25 min

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